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Holistic Health Consultancy

I am a fully UK registered, licensed and practising GP. You reach me from the safety of your home! I consult remotely. It’s a video consultation. We’ll use zoom. First consultation is one hour. Subsequent consultations may be half an hour long each.

Are you looking for a more natural and holistic approach to health? Look no further. Get in touch. I can help you with conditions like asthma, eczema, arthritis, diabetes, anxiety, depression & indigestion to name just a few. Together we will work with your illness in the context of your biography.

Anthroposophic Medicine

Using anthroposophic medicine we treat the whole human being: body, mind and soul. Or to be more precise: body, energy, soul and spirit. You are always at the centre. I mean you are not only making choices about your treatment but actively engaging in your recovery and health. It’s a little bit like illness does not happen to you –  it happens for you. Working in this way allows for a much richer and meaningful healing experience that happens on all levels not just the physical.
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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT allows us to work with feelings directly without rationalising why we feel this or that. This technique helps us work thorough feelings especially when they are acute and uncomfortable. I will teach you EFT. And you can practice it at home when you feel you need it.
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Life Style

Do you know that by looking at someone’s lifestyle, it is possible to predict at least some of the illnesses that will manifest over the next 10 years? Taking medication and remedies is of limited use if and when our life style is working against us.

During our work together, in my role as an Holistic Health Consultant (GP), I’ll help you focus on the most relevant area, now. So you can get results through simple steps and consistency.
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Bach Remedies

You probably know about Rescue Remedy. It’s amazing in any sort of stressful situation. It helps you process shock. But there are a total of 38 Bach remedies. They are very effective in helping us shift out of habitual states, for example sadness or feeling irritated.
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“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” Tony Robbins

Our habitual patterns of thinking and feeling are NOT health-neutral. In the long run they can be a source of illness. Medication can buy us time. Whilst mindfulness is like sending our feelings and thoughts to college to fine tune them to support our health for a long time to come.
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Holistic Health Consultancy for Covid-19 Coronavirus

Holistic Health & COVID-19 Coronavirus


Is there a cure & can I increase my immunity naturally?

There isn’t a cure for COVID-19 Coronavirus yet, BUT, yes, you can boost your immunity.


How about coronavirus anxiety?

We know that anxiety affects our physical health and immunity badly. We can actually improve our heath by overcoming anxiety relating to the COVID-19 Coronavirus . I’ve got a selection of tools for this. Including remedies, mindfulness, lifestyle.

We can even use Emotional Freedom Technique. Though this needs half an hour to an hour-long consultation.


What if I am at risk of a severe coronavirus infection?

Indeed, if you are in a high risk group, it’s not possible to eliminate the risk. But we can optimise your health and your immune system. You’ll be much better prepared to fight the coronavirus if you catch it.


What can I do to protect myself and my family?

There is a whole lot you can do to stay healthy! During the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, I offer coronavirus-protection focused holistic consultations at a discounted price.

My Holistic Health Consultancy Service

You reach me from the safety of your home! I consult remotely. The consultation is 30 minutes long. You can book an hour-long consultation if you like. It’s a video consultation. We’ll use zoom.

As a holistic health consultant (GP), I focus on helping you reduce the chances of you falling ill and get better when you are ill. I will help you with most health conditions: COPD, high blood pressure, eczema, fibromyalgia, depression IBS and more.

I may refer you on to a therapist. I mean to a biographical counselling/ eurythmist / an art therapist or a rhythmical masseur.


  • We’ll identify most effective ways to protect your health
  • We’ll work with nutrition and lifestyle to boost your health and immunity
  • We’ll select tools to help you overcome anxiety
  • We’ll work to increase your resilience. Both – emotional and physical!
  • We will work with your illness in the context of your biography

You’ll get homework! Real magic happens after the consultation!

To help you stay heathy during coronavirus pandemic, I’ve reduced the price to
£100 for 1 hour first appointment (First consultation must be one hour long)
£50 for half an hour appointment

If you want to consolidate your success, I’ll offer a follow-up consultation at the same reduced holistic health consultant (GP) rate.

Don’t wait till you get coronavirus, get in touch now!

Dr. Anna Brodski

I’m a GP. And I practice anthroposophic medicine.

I feel this is the most holistic approach to health out there.

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